The New Year

he New Year brings together almost all Mexican families. It is considered one of the most important holidays on the country’s calendar.

In Mexico you can find several traditions to celebrate the new year.

The origin of the new year

The New Year tradition was born in Rome in 46 BC. C. To pay homage to Janus, the pagan god of the doors and at the beginning, Julius Caesar decided to dedicate a party to him. Hearty food, offerings of medals, branches and sweets, the new year had to be greeted with joy and abundance for 10 days! Our month of January inherited its name from Janus, who, due to his double face, represents a time of transition between last year and the year that begins.


New Year’s dinner with family and friends

For the last day of the year, Mexicans prepare a great dinner of different traditional dishes. Depending on each state, you can usually find stuffed turkey, pork loin, romeritos, tamales, pozole, and punch for thirst. To this dinner, Mexicans invite their family and closest friends.

The next day, the first day of the new year, the tradition continues. The families return to the houses where they spent it on the eve or they go to another house to eat the New Year’s dinner but overheated. It is the famous “reheated”.


12 grapes, 12 wishes

The 12 grapes is a tradition used on New Year’s Eve. This tradition consists of giving 12 grapes to each member of the family. These grapes must be ingested with the last 12 chimes of the year. For each bell, a grape is eaten and a wish is made for next year.