The Mayas

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n a vast region of Mesoamerica which includes part of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the Mayan people created one of the most original and impressive ancient civilizations which developed over more than 2,000 years. Collections | Roots | The Mayas

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The Mayas


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9    | 1 The Mayas and their natural surroundings

31  | 2 The Maya and their History

53  | 3 The Mayas and their History

75  | 4 Mayas economy society and government

99 | 5 Maya architecture

125 | 6 Maya art

153 | 7 Religion, gods and rituals

181 | 8 Maya Knowledge

207 | 9 Chroniclers, travelers, explorers and scientist

223 | The author

224 | The authoress

225 | Bibliographical Guide

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Mario Pérez Campa and Laura Sotelo Santos


Tlaoli Ramírez

60 Photos-Illustrations
238 Pages
21.5 x 14.5 cm – 8.46 x 5.71 in
ISBN 978 970 9019 14 8

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In a vast region of Mesoamerica which includes part of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the Mayan people created one of the most original and impressive ancient civilizations which developed over more than 2,000 years.

This work explains in detail the diverse aspects of this great culture, from the different trades and social conditions of Mayan society, its political organization, its economy, to the organization of its magnificent and spectacular cities, sumptuously decorated with painting and sculpture, including one of the ancient world’s most complex systems of writing, numbering and calendar and an intricate religion that permeated practically all aspects of existence.

The work ends with an overview of the most important chroniclers, explorers, researchers and archeologists who have studied this civilization.

The authors, well-known specialists, have brought together the most up-to-date information on the Mayas from a 21st-century perspective.

Each chapter includes relevant illustrations accompanied by well-documented and explanatory texts.

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Did you know that the Mayas erected steles indicating important events only between the 3rd and 9th centuries, when their production ceased.

The oldest stele is 29, which comes from Tikal, Guatemala, dated in the year 292 A.D.; the last one is from monument 158 at Toniná, Chiapas, and is inscribed with the year 909 A.D. In the sculpted scenes the representation of personages drawn in profile predominates. These are rulers in attitudes characteristic of their existence (access to power, blood rites, marital alliances) and are sumptuously dressed with symbolic adornments and attributes.