Candelaria Day: origin and meaning

Initially, the celebration of Candlemas Day had its origin in the East and later spread to the West in the 6th century. Some researchers say it originated in ancient Rome. But why is it celebrated in Mexico?

Candelaria Day in Mexico

Based on its meaning, Candelaria Day is a celebration in honor of the Virgen de la Candelaria or also called Virgen María de la Candelaria, originating in Tenerife, an island of Spain. The term comes from the “candlestick” which in a religious context means “;holy light that guides the right path.” 

It is celebrated on February 2, ending the Christmas period, because on that date it is 40 days after the Christmas celebration, the birth of the Child God.

¿How is Candelaria celebrated in Mexico?

In Mexico, it is a tradition to celebrate Candlemas Day with tamales and atole, and many times, these are sponsored by those who "touched the Child" in the traditional Rosca de Reyes, on January 6.