5 Facts of the Aztec people that you probably did not know

1. Compulsory education

Public schools are a normal aspect of any modern nation. But where did this come from? As it turns out, the Aztecs were one of the first civilizations to create the idea that all children equally, regardless of their origin, had to be educated by the government.

2. Chocolate buys happiness

The peoples of Mesoamerica were the first to grow cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, and although you may like this sweet, we do not know if your fanaticism would reach the level of theirs, since they used their beans even as coins, as if they were dollars.


3. Love to share

Men were allowed to practice polygamy, that is, to have many wives. But in addition to being condemned to have many mothers-in-law, this practice entailed different conditions and regulations to be implemented: the first woman was seen as the “main Wife”, and the only one who “counted” for ceremonial matters. The others were seen as “secondary”, although they continued to have records in official documents.

4. Keep the dead close

The tradition of the “Day of the Dead” is one of the best known of the Mexican people, and has its origin in pre-Hispanic customs about coming together to remember those who passed to a better life. But perhaps the Aztecs took it to an extreme that cannot be to everyone’s liking, since it was normal to bury the deceased under the house

5. Good foundation

The capital of the empire was the great Tenochtitlán, located where the current CDMX is located. And although it was (and is) surprising, it is more impressive to discover that it was erected on top of a lake. With the help of chinampas (artificial islands for crops), they managed to overcome the challenge of building a metropolis in such a place.